About Chief Gemologist and Deputy Director


by profession he is graduate gemologist  from GIA ( GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA) & advanced gemologist from IGI (International Gemological Institute ) & IIGJ - GTL ( Indian Institute of Gems & Jewellery ) Delhi & Jaipur

Currently He is a chief Gemologist & Dep. Director Of  INDRAPRASTHA GEMOLOGICAL LABORATORIES (IGL) and INDRAPRASTHA GEM & JEWELLERY INSTITUTE (IGJI) . After completing adv. gemology he Started his carrier with INDIAN GEMOLOGICAL LABORATORIES / INDIAN INSTITUTE OF GEMS & JEWELLERY (IGI/IIGJ) in Tech. & Training Department of Colored Gem Stones And Diamonds, a project of GEM & JEWELLERY EXPORT PROMOTION COUNCIL (GJEPC), Govt. of India.

Now, he is a head of department (gemology) in INDRAPRSTHA GEM & JEWELLERY INSTITUTE and CHIEF GEMOLOGIST of INDRAPRASTHA GEMOLOGICAL LABORATORIES. A 21st Century Gemologist who Started his Education FROM IGI Delhi & compleated His Advanced Gemology lab from IIGJ-GTL JAIPUR. Later On He Finished His GRADUATE GEMOLOGIST, DIAMOND GRADUATE & PEARL GRADING & JEWELLERY ESSENTIALS PROGRAMS from GIA (GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA). Currently doing research on GEMSTONE ORIGINS by visiting various gem fields for collecting samples to carried out some diagnostic data & Research on GEMSTONE ORIGINS.


Later He enrolled For BOTANICAL STUDIES from Delhi University & Doing research on ELEOCARPUS GANITRUS BOTANICAL SPECIE (Commonly known as "RUDRAKSHA" in Trade) & put all his effort to make IGL India's First RUDRAKSHA TESTING & RESEARCH LABORATORY in 2012, which is now becomes the most trusted & accepted laboratory for "RUDRAKSHA CERTIFICATION" worlwide between traders. In Other Words IGL are the creators of RUDRAKSHA TESTING & RESEARCH.
Currently, He is also doing RESEARCH in Gemstones Origins & Studying Geological Formation & Doing chemical analysis by collecting samples of RUBY, SAPHIRES, EMERALDS, ALEXANDRITES etc.,  regularly preparing & updating databse for Determining ORIGINS in Gemstones. From his comprehensive efforts, IGL becomes First advanced laboratory for determining country of origin in gemstones in NEW DELHI (INDIA) & issuing reports on GEMSTONES COUNTRY OF ORIGINS & accepted positively between well known traders & consumers. 

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