About Chief Gemologist and Deputy Director


by profession he is graduate gemologist  from GIA ( GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA) & advanced gemologist from IGI (International Gemological Institute ) & IIGJ - GTL ( Indian Institute of Gems & Jewellery ) Delhi & Jaipur

Currently He is a chief Gemologist & Dep. Director Of  INDRAPRASTHA GEMOLOGICAL LABORATORIES (IGL) and INDRAPRASTHA GEM & JEWELLERY INSTITUTE (IGJI) . After completing adv. gemology he Started his carrier with INDIAN GEMOLOGICAL LABORATORIES / INDIAN INSTITUTE OF GEMS & JEWELLERY (IGI/IIGJ) in Tech. & Training Department of Colored Gem Stones And Diamonds, a project of GEM & JEWELLERY EXPORT PROMOTION COUNCIL (GJEPC), Govt. of India.

Now, currently he is a head of department (gemology) in INDRAPRSTHA GEM & JEWELLERY INSTITUTE and CHIEF GEMOLOGIST of INDRAPRASTHA GEMOLOGICAL LABORATORIES. He is a first gemologist in India to complete ADVANCED GEMMOLOGY LAB., FROM IGI-GTL JAIPUR  in the age of 20 years. Later On He Finished His GRADUATE GEMOLOGIST, DIAMOND GRADUATE & PEARL GRADING PROGRAMS from GIA (GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA).Currently doing research on GEMSTONE ORIGINS by visiting various gem fields for collecting samples and carried out some diagnostic researches on GEM ORIGINS.

He is also doing RESEARCH ON MICRO-PHOTOGRAPHY TECHNIQUES IN GEMSTONE IDENTIFICATION & ORIGINS .For this he Went to various gem mines and collected various samples of gems & minerals for carried out Some diagnostic data in laboratory for origin testing. He is also doing research in pearls .WITH HIS EFFORTS IGL BECOME THE FIRST GEM TESTING LABORATORY IN DELHI (INDIA) who is issuing reports regarding GEMSTONES ORIGINS.  

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