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IGL (Indraprastha Gemological Laboratories) is a TRADE MARKED COMPANY registered from GOVT. OF INDIA UNDER IPA  ACT, 1999. IGL has also taken international ISO 9001:2008 Certification from IAF (INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATION FORUM) & recieved a certificate of ISO certified international Laboratory & Reasearch Company for their accuracy & quality management. Our aim is to bring leadership in gem trade by Doing scientific research on Gemstones in laboratories & Provide accurate analysis in our gemological reports to the customers.

INDRAPRASTHA GEMOLOGICAL LABORATORIES have been established under the convenership of Mr. G.S. Shekhawat, founder as well as director of Indraprastha Gemological Laboratories (IGL). This Laboratory is well equipped with all modern equipments and Testing facilities. IGL also provide professional training related to gem & jewellery industry which includes courses on Gemology, diamond grading, Diamond sorting, Adv, Gemology etc..

The activities of IGL are mainly focused on the identification & doing research on gemstones from all across the world. This includes high quality gems from different mines in the form of rough as well as cut with gem imitation and synthetic also. There are very few gemological laboratories in India which provides origin determination in gemological reports & advanced gemological courses, But with the comprehensive effort of Mr. Deepak Singh Shekhawat (Chief Gemologist ), IGL becomes the first laboratory in all across delhi who conducts advanced gemological courses.

IGL also provides origin determination (Country Of Origin) in Gemstone Reports by doing study & research in laboratory with advanced instruments & becomes the first positively accepted gem testing lab for declaring country of origins in gem reports.

A very unique features of the courses is the visit of the students to various jewellery projects, seminars & jewellery exhibitions, the student are taken to educational tour for the practical demonstration of the diamond cutting techniques to Mumbai & Surat. Educational tours to Jaipur for colored stones fashioning, Bead making treatment performing, jewellery manufacturing & number of other Techniques, visit to exhibition showroom, Trade fairs & other similar places add a lot to their knowledge.

In order to keep the students well informed about latest development in the field of gemology & gem trade, special lectures & seminars are arranged to provide knowledge about gems. Demonstration given by using various display of slides and films so that it becomes easy to understand.

Latest research carried out by laboratories is published in various gem & jewellery magazines and Websites and distributed all across India.

The IGL gemological reports, documenting authenticity and origin reports of gemstones are now widely & internationally accepted and trusted throughout the world. To show its commitment, IGL invest much of its resources and time on research and continuously publishing the results to the local people, gem dealer & all the members indulge in gem & jewellery trade through some specialized Magazines and various Gemology Sites


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