About Chief Gemologist and Deputy Director


By profession he is graduate gemologist  from GIA (GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA) & advanced gemologist from IGI - GTL / IIGJ (Indian Institute of Gems & Jewellery research laboratories, Jaipur & Delhi)

At present, He is a chief Gemologist & Dep. Director Of  INDRAPRASTHA GEMOLOGICAL LABORATORIES (IGL) . After completing adv. gemology he Started his carrier with INDIAN INSTITUTE OF GEMS & JEWELLERY (IIGJ Research & laboratories, Jhandewalan, Dellhi) in Tech. & Training Department of Colored Gem Stones And Diamonds, a project of GEM & JEWELLERY EXPORT PROMOTION COUNCIL (GJEPC), Govt. of India.

Now, he is a head of department (gemology) in INDRAPRSTHA GEM & JEWELLERY INSTITUTE and CHIEF GEMOLOGIST of INDRAPRASTHA GEMOLOGICAL LABORATORIES. A 21st Century Gemologist who Started his Education FROM IGI Delhi & compleated His Advanced Gemology lab from IIGJ-GTL JAIPUR. Later On He Finished His GRADUATE GEMOLOGIST, DIAMOND GRADUATE, PEARL GRADING & JEWELLERY ESSENTIALS PROGRAMS from GIA (GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA). Currently he is doing research in COUNTRY OF ORIGINS in gemstones by collecting samples of different localities of RUBIES, EMERALDS, SAPPHIRES, CHRYSOBERYL, SPINEL & TOURMALINES & prepared database for declaration of origin in gemstones. By his comprehensive efforts, IGL becomes the first gem testing & research lab for declaring country of origin and accepted positively between traders.


After compleating advanced gemology courses, he also enrolled For BOTANICAL STUDIES in Delhi University & did scientific research & analysis on BOTANICAL SPECIE known as ELEOCARPUS (Commonly known as "RUDRAKSHA" in Trade) & put all his effort to make IGL India's First RUDRAKSHA TESTING & RESEARCH LABORATORY in 2012, which is now becomes the most trusted & accepted laboratory for "RUDRAKSHA CERTIFICATION" worlwide between traders. In Other Words IGL are the creators of RUDRAKSHA TESTING & RESEARCH.
Currently, He is doing research on various origins in Gemstones according to their Countries, by collecting samples, specially of RUBY, SAPPHIRES, EMERALDS, ALEXANDRITES etc., from different country & regularly updating IGL databse for Determining ORIGINS in Gemstones. From his comprehensive efforts, IGL becomes First advanced laboratory for determining country of origin in gemstones in NEW DELHI (INDIA) & issuing reports on GEMSTONES COUNTRY OF ORIGINS & accepted positively between well known traders & consumers. 

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