Term and Condition

IGL Reports Governed BY THE Following TERMS & CONDITIONS

  • IGL certificate describes the properties of the given specimen on the said data and time and is not responsible for the use of certificate with any other similar specimen.
  • IGL Basic Gem Identification certificate does not indicate about any ‘ORIGINS’ in gemstones, unless otherwise specified. But if specified, then Origin reports only be issued on the request of customer when its fully diagnosed on the basis of data depositary at IGL.
    (Note: Origin reports will only be valid for precious gems only)
  • Writing ORIGIN, Is the opinion of the laboratory, based on the evidence of diagnostic data & research by IGL team. And there should be possibilities of varying opinion regarding Origins in compared with different research bodies, In such cases INDRAPRASTHA GEMOLOGICAL LABORATORY, or any member of its staff, may not be held responsible for any discrepancy.
  • Tests which are not applicable or useful in identification are not performed.
  • IGL certificate is not a valuation / of appraisal or guarantee / warranty and does not pertain to the quality of the stone.
  • IGL certificate does not indicate about any treatment done on the specimen unless otherwise specified. (This Condition Is Only Valid For Semi-Precious Gems).
  • Properties and appearance of the specimen can be altered subsequent to certification. IGL, delhi will not be held responsible for the use of this certificate under such circumstances. In case the altered stone is rectified, the certificate wording may be subject to changes.
  • The report is provided on the request of the customers and / or the owner of the gems / jewellery. Neither the client nor the purchaser of the gems / jewellery shall regard this report as an appraisal / evaluation / guarantee / warranty.
  • Mounted jewellery or gems are tested & graded only up to the extent that mounting permits examination.
  • Now a days some yellow sapphires have been irradiated to enhance their color & due to unstable color centers produced by irradiation treatment its color fade after soemtimes, Laboratories do not have any scientific evidences to declare irradiation in report. so, To check irradiation normally "FADE TEST" have been carried out by traders which is a local trade practice but IGL do not perform this test in laboratory due to a risk of color fading.  
  • IGL also provide certification of rudraksha, as rudraksha is a fruit seed & brittle material, obtained from the plants, so there is a chance of weight reduction (due to dryness) / weight increment (after oiling or putting in water) which trader mostly do after testing in their rudraksha beads.
  • Rudraksha certificates are only valid up to three years, we request our cutomers to reverify the beads after three years. Any alteration found in the RUDRAKSHA BEAD / REPORT more than three years old will not be valid.
  • IGL report contains only the characteristics of the gems / jewellery described here in after it has been graded tested, examined and analysed by INDRAPRATHA GEMOLOGICAL LABORATORY carefully with specialised instruction, under 10X magnification, including fully corrected triplet loupe and binocular stereo zoom Microscope, Immersion scope, Polaris cope, Electronic carat balance and ancillary instrument as necessary.
  • IGL report is considered null or void if any alteration is / are made to the gems / jewellery or to the report itself.
  • IGL report shall be governed by Indian judicial systems and all matters, disputes or reference to the arbitration shall be subjected to the jurisdiction with in the state of Delhi only.


  • No mobile phones are allowed in classrooms.
  • A student must have 90% attendance to qualify for the examination.
  • A student who misses three consecutive lectures without any information will be Expelled from the courses.
  • Lectures will start at the given time. Late comers will not be allowed to attend the lecture.
  • Weekly tests and assignment are required to be done as per the scheduled and will be considered in the final exam evaluation.
  • The given assignment are compulsory and should be handed in on the due date , if not a deduction of 5% marks will be made at the final examination.
  • A student who misses three consecutive units Tests will be responsible for deduction of 5% marks for the final exams.
  • Every student is compulsory required to carry a 10X lens for lectures and practical’s in Diamonds as well as in colored Gem stones.
  • A student will be held responsible to damage for any equipment in the laboratory and will have to pay for the same.
  • A student will be held responsible for loss of stone specimen and will have to pay for the same.
  • No library books will be issued during the first month of the course. Library books will be issued to a student for two days only. If not returned on time, no library books will be issued to the student subsequently.
  • Outstation student shall have to make their own arrangements for boarding and lodging in Delhi.
  • The INDRAPRASTHA GEM AND JEWELLERY INSTITUTE & LABORATORIES ( IGL ), Reserves the right to reschedule or cancel classes/course.
  • Verification/Testing of personal stones are not allowed for students.
  • Re-examination: unsuccessful students wishing to be appear for the next examination will have to pay the examination fee of Rs 500/- and IGL provides one week revision class.


  • Admission is confirmed once the application form is duly filled in with all details, sponsorship by a member of INDRAPRASTHA GEM AND JEWELLERY INSTITUTE & LABORATORIES ( IGL ), and payment of full fees.
  • Fees have to be deposited in instalment also.
  • If once fee will deposited the refund of fees will not only made.
  • Payment may be made by
    • Local Cheques
    • Demand Draft
    • Cash
  • Outstation cheques are not accepted.
  • Cheques payment must be made payable at Delhi in favour of INDRAPRASTHA GEM AND JEWELLERY INSTITUTE.
  • Admission will be confirmed once the cheque has been cleared.
  • No fee adjustments will be made in a case a student wishes to transfer to another course. Full payment will have to be made for the course transferred to.
  • Those who wish the prospectus to be mailed may kindly send us a Demand Draft of Rs. 150 per prospectus + Rs. 50 as mailing charges.

 you can also submit your products for Certification / Testing in IGL laboratories through couries or shuttle services. Before sending your products kindly share the product details along with photograpgh on IGL registered whats app number or E-Mail. 
Once Your products will be ready after certification you will recieve a confirmation message or mail by laboratory on the given contact number on docket and we will dispatch your products back to the given address through the courier or shuttle services choosen by customer. But in case of loss or damages of parcels by courier services, IGL laboratory or its staff will not be responsible for any discrepancy.


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