The IGL (INDRAPRASTHA GEMOLOGICAL LABORATORIES) was founded in 2010 as a scientific gemmological laboratory to examine and determine the authenticity of the gemstones & jewellery. This was a way to maintain the trust of its clients and stay true to its ideals. Since then the IGL  has grown to become one of the most respected gemological laboratory of its kind in the world. INDRAPRASTHA GEMOLOGICAL LABORATORIES (IGL) is ISO 9001:2015 certified company accreditated  from EGAC (EGYPTIAN ACCREDITATION COUNCIL) registered from INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATION FORUM (IAF) which maked IGL globally acceptable & trustable lab. The IGL gem lab uses the latest science and state-of-the-art equipments / machines to carry out its scientific analysis in gemological studies. On the basis of this it issues its highly respected Gemmological Reports, which are relied upon by famous indian jewellers, gem traders, astrologers and directly consumers. IGL is also highly recommemded for those who are looking for unbiased, independent and absolutely trustworthy opinions about their gems.

Along with the gemology, IGL is also spent lot of efforts in RUDRAKSHA testing & research, previously there was no such recognised lab for rudraksha identification in world but due to comprehensive effort of Mr. Deepak singh shekhawat (Chief gemologist), IGL is now becomes the world's best & only scientific research laboratory in rudraksha identification & trusted throughout the world in its rudraksha certification. We have developed many advanced scientific ways for study & research in rudraksha which is also scientifically proved on international market standards & accepted worldwide by traders & consumers of rudraksha.

Along with this IGL is also having research & identification department where advanced scientific analysis has been done to trace out the country of origin in gemstones. The origin can be understood in terms of geological setting, and in a geographical location. For the final customer, only the latter is relevant. Terms such as KASHMIR for sapphires, BURMA for rubies, and COLOMBIA for emeralds evoke a historical and cultural context combined with an exotic flavour, which may contribute considerably to the value of a gemstone. That’s why the trade requests origin determination from gemmological laboratories but for this, scientific analysis, sample collection, data collection, advanced instrumentation and specially years of experience & study are required for origin declaration, but with the comprehensive efforts of mr. deepak singh shekhawat, IGL becomes the first gemological laboratory in new delhi (India) which started issuing origin declaration in its gemological reports & trusted globally by jewellers, traders & direct consumers.





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